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Blood & Honor

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In the center of The Inner Sea, to the west of Kyladia and to the east of Kaeyl is the large island-nation of Echia – a new nation with fertile land, rolling hills, damp moors and misty valleys. Born out of the chaos of The Hundred-Year-War, King Owen Ivor endeavors to modernize his country as quickly as possible. But times are tough in Echia – the weak economy spurs banditry as a means of survival, their old enemy, Kaeyl, continues to raid by sea and the Echians themselves are a people still struggling to find their own culture.

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We will be using the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons to tell stories of political intrigue, heroic adventures, dark fantasy - and maybe even a little romance - as your characters set for to help solve the (many) problems of Echia. The setting is a lower magic setting than your typical D&D game and the rules will be a bit more gritty as well.

Everything the characters do (and don't do) will be very important. The players will be given occasional vignettes into what is happening to the world around them. What changes in the world of Fallen Kingdoms because of the player's actions or inactions, will be permanent for the setting.

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