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5TDM Open Match - Death Wyverns Crucible

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5TDM (Fifth Edition Team Deathmatch) is a team-based, PvP competitive tabletop arena for the world's most popular roleplaying game. Teams of 4 compete for 90 minutes to survive the arena with the fewest deaths. If you die, you respawn in the next round ready to avenge yourself or your allies.

About this match: The arena of choice for this round is the Death Wyverns Crucible. Eight slabs of black marble jut from a lake of hissing dracolisk bile that surrounds this vast wrought-iron crucible. Pieces of bone float gingerly on the surface. A toxic mist hangs around the cages. Winged shadows shriek and circle overhead. Hundreds of humanoid shapes writhe in the bile, their limbs broken and flesh like peeling parchment.

How to join: Head to dtrpg and grab our custom ruleset, create a character, study the the map and join the game. If you have friends, send us a note and we'll slot you on the same team. If not, we'll handle that for you.


More about 5TDM
This game is an action RPG about strengthening the bonds you already have with the friends in your gaming group, or forming new bonds of friendship, in the face of shared adversity and the greatest challenge. Nothing beats the thrill of coming together to defeat a seemingly insurmountable foe. 5TDM doesn't throw any punches. It puts you through the wringer and lets your group emerge closer to each other than ever. It is competitive, but not toxic.

Small groups of player characters are pitted against each other in a no-holds-barred frenzy of carnage in a team-based, player-vs-player competition. 5th Edition Team Deathmatch is a contest of skill, wits, and luck. 5TDM is about winning the world's most popular roleplaying game.

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