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Traveller: Survivors

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1095-023 Spinward Marches 1521:
The Voidport started as a few cargo pods and a shuttle droped off at a point in space in the middle of nowhere (hex 1521 Spinward Marches) by pirate Capt. Drake as he prepared his ship for a raid.
Capt. Drake's command grows from a ship to a fleet. The drop off has become a port with over 150 residents, entertianment, service facilities, slaves, hostages, support personel, etc. The port commander is the second most powerful man in the fleet.
Capt. Drake is killed at Dyrnwyn by a Sword Worlds taskforce, his ship destroyed, and his surviving crew captured.
The Voidport is raided by a Sword Worlds taskforce. The jump ships there are captured or destroyed and stripped. The port is pillaged and most the population of the port killed.
The Sword Worlders leave. 45 People are left amid the wreckage... more bad times
The killing stops. The age of cooperation begins. 10 people left.
The 5 remaining survivors set off in a barely repaired shuttle equiped with low berths.
You are one of those survivors. You awake from cold sleep as your shuttle enters the Tavonni system.

The game makes use of the Mumble VoIP program so players can speak to each other and interact both in-character and out-of-character or to the Referee. Players should be aware that some character interactions take place in the game's chat-box. Stay alert. The game is laid-back and a character can conceivably survive a session without ever rolling dice or taking an action other than to follow fellow shipmates around. This campaign can touch upon mature subject matter. Gamer discretion is advised. This campaign is notorious for gray-area morality and decision-making situations. There is an extensive art gallery available in the Drawing Thread that gives a pictorial log of this long-running campaign. Feel free to add an in-character journal if the player is a writer of any means.

As to character creation: We have had characters who halted their Careers at 4 terms. On the long end, we have had long-lived characters who mustered out at more than ten terms. While going out that far due to racial tendency, some might feel that there is little to no room for growth based on what is needed by the company. If your character is an ancient sage, chock full of skills, there is not much room for enjoyment of growth. A nice, round number of terms should be 5-7 terms, modified by race selected. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule of thumb, but playing the average of rolled terms lends to more enjoyment in the long term. In the end, it is imperative that enjoyment of character development as well as immersion into the character and interacting with the story of The Athena Adventures over trying to Win at Mongoose Traveller be undertaken. In this case, it is better to see How a character is played than whether the mission was a success or a failure.

Characters in this campaign have the opportunity to be a part, directly or tangentially, of a major historical events in the game's timeline.

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