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A behemoth is a neutral Colossal Magical Beast of great Strength and power. Behemoths possess the following traits unless otherwise noted.

  • Blindsense 60 feet.
  • Immunity to ability Damage, aging, bleed, Disease, Energy Drain, fire, mind-affecting effects, negative levels, paralysis, permanent wounds, petrification, Poison, and Polymorph. Some behemoths possess additional immunities.
  • Regeneration (Ex) No form of attack can suppress a behemoth's regeneration—it regenerates even if disintegrated or slain by a death effect. If a behemoth fails a save against an effect that would kill it instantly, it rises from death 3 rounds later with 1 hit point if no further Damage is dealt to its remains. It can be banished or otherwise transported away as a means to save a region, but the only way to truly kill a behemoth is to use Miracle or wish to negate its Regeneration (see below).
  • DR 15/epic.
  • SR equal to 11 + the behemoth's CR.
  • Behemoths understand Aklo, but cannot speak.
  • Behemoths eat, but do not breathe or sleep.
  • Ruinous (Su) A behemoth's Natural Attacks penetrate Damage reduction as if they were epic and magic, and ignore up to 20 points of hardness on objects struck. As a swift Action, whenever it strikes a Creature or object with a spell effect in place, it can attempt to dispel one randomly determined spell effect on that Creature as if with a greater Dispel Magic (CL 20th).
  • Unstoppable (Ex) If a behemoth starts its turn suffering from any or all of the following conditions, it recovers from them at the end of its turn: blind, confused, dazed, deafened, dazzled, exhausted, fatigued, nauseated, sickened, slowed, staggered, and stunned.
  • Vulnerable to Miracles and Wishes (Su) A spell effect created by a Miracle or wish spell is particularly effective against a behemoth. A spellcaster gains a +6 bonus on its Caster Level check to penetrate a behemoth's SR with a Miracle or wish spell, and the behemoth suffers a –6 Penalty on saves against these Spells. A Miracle or a wish spell can negate a behemoth's Regeneration, but only for 1d4 rounds per casting.


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