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Burning Gaze

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Your eyes burn like hot coals, allowing you to set objects or foes alight with a glance.

As a standard action as long as this spell's effects persist, you may direct your burning gaze against a single creature or object within 30 feet of your location. Targeted creatures must succeed at a Fortitude save or take 1d6 points of fire damage. Unattended objects do not get a save. Creatures damaged by the spell must make a Reflex save or catch fire. Each round, burning creatures may attempt a Reflex save to quench the flames; failure results in another 1d6 points of fire damage. Flammable items worn by a creature must also save or take the same damage as the creature. If a creature or object is already on fire, it suffers no additional effects from burning gaze.

Note that this spell does not grant an actual gaze attack—foes and allies are not in danger of catching on fire simply by meeting your gaze.


Casting Time
1 standard action
V, S, M/DF (eye of a mundane salamander)
1 round/level
Druid 2, Sorcerer/wizard 2, Witch 2
Saving Throw
Fortitude negates (see text)
Evocation [fire]
Spell Damage
Spell Damage Type
Spell Resistance
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