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Resilient Reservoir

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This spell creates a magical well of retribution that a caster can unleash with blinding speed.

Upon casting this spell, damage from melee attacks and touch spells gets transferred into a special pool that you then redirect before the spell's duration expires.

Each time you are struck by a melee attack or touch spell that deals hit point damage, 1 point of damage is negated and transferred into the reservoir created by this spell. The total number of points in the reservoir cannot exceed your caster level (to a maximum of 20 points at 20th level). As an immediate action, anytime before the spell's duration expires, you can release some or all of the energy of the reservoir, granting yourself an insight bonus on one skill check, attack roll, damage roll, or combat maneuver check, but you must do so before the roll is made. This bonus is equal to the number of points in the reservoir. For every five caster levels, you may call upon the reservoir one additional time (maximum of four times at 15th level).

If you are reduced to negative hit points while you are under the effect of this spell, the spell automatically release the remaining magic of the reservoir in a concussive blast of force. All creatures within a 15-foot radius take 1d6 points of force damage per 2 points remaining in the reserve (maximum of 10d6). A successful Reflex save halves this damage, and spell resistance applies to this effect.


Special, see text
Casting Time
1 standard action
V, S
1 round/ level
Magus 3, Paladin 3, Sorcerer/wizard 4, Witch 4
Saving Throw
None (see below)
Spell Resistance
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