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Sanctify Corpse

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This spell blesses a corpse with positive energy, preventing it from being turned into an Undead Creature. Attempts to raise the corpse as an Undead automatically fail. If the corpse is of a person slain by a Creature that creates Undead out of its slain foes (such as a Shadow, Vampire, or wraith), that effect is delayed until the end of this spell. It is possible to protect a corpse for an extended time by casting this spell each day.

Sanctify Corpse can be made permanent with a Permanency spell by a caster of 9th level or higher for the cost of 500 gp.


Corpse touched
Casting Time
1 standard action
V, S, DF, M (a pinch of silver dust)
24 hours
Cleric 1, Inquisitor 1, Paladin 1, Witch 1
Saving Throw
Evocation [good]
Spell Resistance
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