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Scintillating Pattern

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A twisting pattern of coruscating colors weaves through the air, affecting creatures within. The spell affects a total number of HD of creatures equal to your Caster Level (maximum 20). Creatures with the fewest HD are affected first, and among creatures with equal HD, those who are closest to the spell's point of origin are affected first. HD that are not sufficient to affect a Creature are wasted. The spell affects each subject according to its HD.

6 or less: Unconscious for 1d4 rounds, then stunned for 1d4 rounds, and then confused for 1d4 rounds. (Treat an unconscious result as stunned for nonliving creatures.)

7 to 12: Stunned for 1d4 rounds, then confused for an additional 1d4 rounds.

13 or more: Confused for 1d4 rounds.

When a target is confused, they are unable to determine their actions. Roll on the following table at the start of each subject's turn each round to see what it does in that round.

d% Behavior
01-25 Act normally
26-50 Do nothing but babble incoherently
51-75 Deal 1d8 + Str modifier to self with item in hand
76-100 Attack nearest Creature (for this purpose, a familiar counts as as part of the subject's self)

A confused character who can't carry out the indicated Action does nothing but babble incoherently. Attackers are not at any special advantage when attacking a confused character. Any confused character who is attacked automatically attacks its attackers on its next turn, as long as it is still confused when its turn comes. Note that a confused character will not make Attacks of Opportunity against any Creature that it is not already devoted to attacking (either because of its most recent Action or because it has just been attacked).

Sightless creatures are not affected by Scintillating Pattern.


Casting Time
1 standard action
V, S, M (a crystal prism)
Concentration + 2 rounds
Colorful lights in a 20-ft.-radius spread
Sorcerer/wizard 8
Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Saving Throw
Illusion (pattern) [mind-affecting]
Spell Resistance
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