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Transmute Blood To Acid

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You transmute blood in the target's body to acid, dealing 1d6 points of acid damage/2 levels (maximum 12d6) each round. The Creature is staggered and sickened by the debilitating pain. A successful Fortitude save each round halves the Damage and negates the staggered condition for 1 round. If this Damage reduces the Creature to 0 or fewer Hit Points, it dissolves, leaving only the barest trace of remains. A dissolved creature's equipment is unaffected.

Anyone who strikes the target with a non-reach melee weapon, natural weapon, or unarmed attack takes 3d6 points of acid Damage as the acidic blood sprays on the attacker. If the attack is from a piercing or slashing manufactured weapon, the weapon also takes this Damage.

This spell has no effect on creatures immune to critical hits or bleed effects.


Casting Time
1 standard action
V, S, M (a wax doll and a vial of acid worth 10 gp)
Concentration (maximum 1 round/5 levels)
Sorcerer/wizard 9
Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Saving Throw
Fortitude half
Transmutation [acid, pain]
Spell Resistance
One living creature
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