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Veil of Heaven

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You surround yourself with a Veil of Positive Energy, making it harder for evil outsiders to harm you. For the Duration of this spell, you gain a +2 sacred bonus to AC and on saves. Both of these bonuses apply only against attacks or effects created by outsiders with the evil subtype. You can dismiss this spell as a swift Action to deal 1d8 points of Damage + 1 point per Paladin level to all such outsiders within 5 feet. A Will save halves this Damage.


Casting Time
1 standard action
V, S, DF
10 minutes/level (D)
Paladin 1
Personal or 5 ft.; see text
Saving Throw
Will half
Abjuration [good]
Spell Resistance
You or all creatures within 5 ft.; see text
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