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Actions In Combat

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Table: Actions in Combat
Standard Action Attack of Opportunity1
Attack (melee) No
Attack (ranged) Yes
Attack (unarmed) Yes
Activate a magic item other than a potion or oil No
Aid another Maybe2
Cast a spell (1 Standard Action casting time) Yes
Channel energy No
Concentrate to maintain an active spell No
Dismiss a spell No
Draw a hidden weapon (see Sleight of Hand skill) No
Drink a potion or apply an oil Yes
Escape a grapple No
Feint No
Light a torch with a Tindertwig Yes
Lower spell resistance No
Read a scroll Yes
Ready (triggers a standard action) No
Stabilize a dying friend (see Heal skill) Yes
Total defense No
Use extraordinary ability No
Use skill that takes 1 Action Usually
Use spell-like ability Yes
Use supernatural ability No
Move Action Attack of Opportunity1
Move Yes
Control a frightened mount Yes
Direct or redirect an active spell No
Draw a weapon3 No
Load a hand crossbow or light crossbow Yes
Open or close a door No
Mount/dismount a steed No
Move a heavy object Yes
Pick up an item Yes
Sheathe a weapon Yes
Stand up from prone Yes
Ready or drop a shield3 No
Retrieve a stored item Yes
Full-Round Action Attack of Opportunity1
Full attack No
Charge4 No
Deliver coup de grace Yes
Escape from a net Yes
Extinguish flames No
Light a torch Yes
Load a heavy or repeating crossbow Yes
Lock or unlock weapon in locked gauntlet Yes
Prepare to throw splash weapon Yes
Run Yes
Use skill that takes 1 round Usually
Use a touch spell on up to six friends Yes
Withdraw4 No
Free Action Attack of Opportunity1
Cease concentration on a spell No
Drop an item No
Drop to the floor No
Prepare spell components to cast a spell5 No
Speak No
Swift Action Attack of Opportunity1
Cast a quickened spell No
Immediate Action Attack of Opportunity1
Cast Feather Fall No
No Action Attack of Opportunity1
Delay No
5-foot step No
Action Type Varies Attack of Opportunity1
Perform a combat maneuver6 Yes
Use feat7 Varies
1 Regardless of the Action, if you move out of a threatened square, you usually provoke an attack of opportunity. This column indicates whether the Action itself, not moving, provokes an attack of opportunity.
2 If you aid someone performing an Action that would normally provoke an attack of opportunity, then the act of aiding another provokes an attack of opportunity as well.
3 If you have a Base Attack Bonus of +1 or higher, you can combine one of these actions with a regular move. If you have the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, you can draw two light or one-handed Weapons in the time it would normally take you to draw one.
4 May be taken as a Standard Action if you are limited to taking only a single Action in a round.
5 Unless the component is an extremely large or awkward item.
6 Some Combat Maneuvers substitute for a melee attack, Not an Action. As melee attacks, they can be used once in an attack or Charge Action, one or more times in a full-attack Action, or even as an attack of opportunity. Others are used as a separate Action.
7 The Description of a feat defines its effect.
During one turn, there are a wide variety of actions that your character can Perform, from swinging a sword to casting a spell.


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