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[LFP][5E][CST] DM LF Players Interested in a Narrative and Self-Driven Homebrew World

My favorite stories to read and my favorite stories to tell about, to use a perhaps overused quote, is "the human heart in conflict with itself." I like my heart to be captured, to ride the highs and lows of an immersive story that challenges me beyond the thrill of combat, and more than that, I like to tell epic stories. But to be Hercules isn't to be granted with just super strength, it is to endure the labors and the painful loss of those you love, to be conquered and humiliated but yet refusing to let it overcome you. Perhaps more daring, is to be faced with assumption that you won't be a hero. In a world of infinite choices, the choices that you do make reveals a lot about your inner self. A firm belief of mine is that you cannot have an epic story without epic challenges and narratives that makes you not only question your character's beliefs but also your own.&nbsp; I am a fan of the zero to hero mantra, but I am of the belief that the process should not feels like an assumption and one instead full of precarious pitfalls, damned temptations, and the most important element of all - a choice against all the odds. It is with your hands that you will carve yourself a niche in the world, and I am the merely the Homer to your Odyssey. I am looking for a group of players that want to delve into a world drenched in mysteries where what you know and what you don't can make or break your ambitions, that have a desire for nonlinear challenges, that have an enjoyment for discovering not only lore but unique cultural phenomenons found in the setting, and that have a self-driven nature to grab onto life rather than let life drag you entirely. These words mimic the attitude that I approach to the themes of the campaign. Where great levity, light, and softness will be intermingled with great sorrow, darkness, and cruel mistresses. The setting itself will be set in my own unique homebrew world where the campaign will be focused on a region that is inspired heavily by southeast Asian cultures, specifically Vietnam, and the fantasy created nation of Hanoi relies on a premise that asks a hypothetical scenario of, "What if the Trung Sisters won, permanently, against China?" Intermixed with ancient magic, lurking primordials, and the typical fantasy fare like dragons and funny looking humans with long ears, of course. As you may expect, I do not strive for a 1:1 realism to our own real life history (as a true answer to that hypothetical scenario is impossible to deduce) and instead aim for internal consistency and reasonable enough verisimilitude within my own homebrew world. The setting was born out of a desire to add a little flavor into the typical mix of D&amp;D games where the setting is typically set in some vaguely western European country. Here, instead, you have some vaguely southeast Asian country. Variety is the spice of life? I dare say so. For the nitty gritty, I intend to use official 5e material such as the PHB and Xanathars, but as it is a custom world, there are a lot of homebrew rules and materials involved in this game that will expand beyond the scope of the Forgotten Realms or outright overwrite most of it. Players who are naturally curious and tend to ask questions will have a major leg up in this type of campaign where the answers may not come obviously. The game will be entirely theatre of the mind with battle maps interjected sparingly. Visual aids will be provided. All PHB races will be allowed with the additions of: firbolg, aasimar, goblin, and kalashtar. While all of these races will retain their normal traits and stats, it is important to note that because this is a homebrew world, their origin do not necessarily match up with the Forgotten Realm lore and how they came to be can be utterly different. This game will be conducted through Roll20 and Discord for voice and sessions will typically last 4-6 hours. There is an expected Play by Post element of this game conducted in written text RP chat in between sessions to help drive character development and allow players more freedom to explore their stories. This is expected to be a weekly game with an allotted break week every month (ex. We play weekly for 3 weeks and take 1 week off) from sessions. Sessions will take place either Sunday or Saturday at 5 or 6 PM CST. If you like what you read, I encourage you to read the campaign's call to action and apply here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Tl;dr I like soap operas

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im interested i just got 1&nbsp; question&nbsp; is the time&nbsp; flexible because im in gmt&nbsp;
Wow, this sounds great, I'm really interested and have a brother who would also be interested. Unfortunately we're also in EU time, but if you somehow decided to play earlier on the Saturday, pls message me! We're both mature, reliable players wanting to get into a story driven 5e game, after quite a lot of time playing CoC (me), or keeping (brother). All the best!
Hey Noah and Justin! Thanks for your interest. I am a bit flexible with the times as I can go earlier on both days. However, I do tend to think my best when I've had my coffee and food. The earliest I think I would be willing to flex a session is starting at noon CST. If that works for y'all, I encourage you to apply while mentioning your preference for start time/date.

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Kira said: Hey Noah and Justin! Thanks for your interest. I am a bit flexible with the times as I can go earlier on both days. However, I do tend to think my best when I've had my coffee and food. The earliest I think I would be willing to flex a session is starting at noon CST. If that works for y'all, I encourage you to apply while mentioning your preference for start time/date. yes noon cst would work for me i just got 2 more questions&nbsp; 1 would some unearthed arcana be allowed becuase i might want to play a dhampir&nbsp; 2 is there an age requirement becuase im 16 but i can be mature and i got plenty of dnd 5e experience&nbsp;
For the record, this sounds amazing and as a long time DM who loves the story telling part of the game I wish I could do it. If you ever run something similar on a friday around that time let me know!
I personally err on the side of older players and am not comfortable with DMing a campaign with younger players. Unearthed Arcana and homebrew elements are approved on an individual basis, but I generally do not blanket approve races or creations due to the fact that they do not exist in my world or have any historical context for them. And thank you Llewindias for your kind words!
ok, its fine if you dont want me to join&nbsp;
I love the concept and would like to learn more.&nbsp; I haven't played for a few years but have experience as both a player and DM. Sunday evenings are ideal but I could most likely manage the Saturday evening time as well (I'm CST). I actually already have a character concept which sounds like it would fit in the world you've mentioned. You can contact me on discord at zparas#8054
This concept sounds fun and&nbsp;alluring. I have little&nbsp;experience in these game, only did one game with some friends. Most time zones would be good for me. Thanks for the read.
Like I said in the application thread, this looks like a great setup, from the POV of someone completely new of course. I'm fine with whatever time.
Thank you all for the interest! I'm currently going through applications and reaching out to those who seem to be a good fit. I should make my final decisions in the next day or two.
I would love to participate in your homebrew as well.&nbsp; Historically I'm not that well-versed but I do enjoy the concept as I myself like to make homebrews with that set in mind.&nbsp; I would say I'm a 60 Roleplay 40 Battle guy but I do enjoy more the RP side so I'm always open to the idea of that.&nbsp; I do have a character in mind as well. I'm EST and CST is just one hour less so I can work with your schedule hopefully.&nbsp; Just my Thursdays isn't available for the time being.