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Upload pictures

I saw that when I use the "upload" option at the right menu, I cannot see the upload progress, but when I directly swip a picture  in a blank page, it works. Somebody can tell me why ? I sometimes also have pixelled pictures, and I have to delete and re-upload them. Any idea ?
Fwiw, they have been introducing better upload UI's into the system.  I think maybe they will get around to that one, its one of the uglier looking cosmetic errors.  
An upload is in fact not a single upload. Roll20 uploads each image multiple times with different granularities, in the sequence: thumb, mini, med, max and original. When you X away the progress bar window, uploads continue in the background (F5 or closure of the browser tab stops the upload). Uploads can take a long time when uploading large, detailed images (reason: jpg's are still converted to png's and a 10Mb jpg can become a 50Mb png). You can monitor the progress of the upload in the network tab of the developer bar of your browser, below you can see the last two http requests the browser makes for a successful upload. Notice the 46.48 MB upload size of the 8 MB jpeg. The sure way to verify whether an upload really finished is to select the image on the VTT, press Z and inspect the image. If it is correct, the upload succeeded.
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Good answer, Martijn. I'd like to add that as far as I have been able to tell, that conversion and the extra sizes are to improve performance and are not counted against your storage quota, which is figured from the original upload.