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[LFP][18+][Tenra Bansho Zero] In Emperor's Service(New players welcome)


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"Welcome. It is nice to finally meet you all." Older priest welcomed you in his temple, carefully checking no one followed you.  "I understand that time is not on our side, but we have to work together on this one. And yes I can understand that our Emperor is openly supporting our religion, but you and I both know that there are many elements that would love to see this friendship shattered." He continues, after inviting you to sit for tea and some light snacks. "Which brings me back to reason to your summons. As you are part of imperial guard, carefully selected and screened to prevent any leaks, your duty is first and foremost to our ruler and his family. So in this time, when his 2nd son plans to visit all main temples of our order, we have less time than ever. Dark entities are waking up. Edo had been restless and messages from temples are worrying. I asked and asked, until his Highness allowed to send you to investigate and punish evil hidden beneath mask of good. I will provide as much information as I can. But other than that you will be on your own." Finally finishing what he wanted to say he pulls few documents and place them on table.  Let me welcome you one more time friends. If you finished this small intro and are ready to answer your call of duty, I will gladly take you on short campaign designed for new players and experts alike(And if you would like to continue playing, I have few more stories that tie into this one).  As for what Tenra Bansho actually is? Well imagine rather high fantasy Japan of old. Samurai walk around in their full armor suits, summoners call for untol monstrosities to fight and all that is overseen by mighty airships filled with cannons and other rather enjoyable toys. Yes this is fantasy world where magic and technology mixed together and it mix rather nicely I must say. But it is still rather old society, with relatively stiff rules to follow.(For those that played Legend of Five Rings, you will be at home in a moment). Now a little bit about me and my time availability: I am from central Europe, aka GMT+2. And I am open at any day except friday. I work from home so I am able to adjust my schedule for most part. This game will have some unsavory themes(After all monsters can and will be quite horrific), so I am looking for adult players. I will gladly help you with character creation, background and everything between these two. For those interested in joining please contact me over discord: Avarita#6908 or via PM, or in worst case, just reply here. Hope you had good time reading this and I am looking forward to players willing to play something that might be bit outside of norm here.

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Hey guys, I just joined the game. Monday evenings are already taken, but besides that I'm flexible. I'd prefer each session to not start before 4 p.m. CET
ADDON: Group found, 3 people interested for now. Day and hour set to Saturday 4PM GMT+2. Session zero(Character creation, rules explanation etc), will start next week(First of may).