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Player Token Management

It seems weird that players can delete our tokens but we can't put them back on the table top.  I frequently am punching through different actions and typing in multiple windows.  Sometimes I hit backspace while my token is selected, and bam, gone.  I then have to ask the DM to put my token back into the game which makes him tab over to another map, copy the token, tab back in, and paste it on the page. All of that is idiotic and creates extra work for the GM over what amounts to a typo. Either lock us out of deleting tokens entirely while we're in player mode, or allow us to set our tokens up.  It's fine if vision settings are restricted, but the current situation is just bizarre.

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Once a default token is set for your character, you can drag one out to the tabletop.Just drag your character's name from the journal to the tabletop. Admittedly, the default token needs to be set up by the game's GM, but you can always replace a deleted token once that is done.
You can drag it to map even without default token having been set, it then uses portrait picture.
The name?   No wonder why it never works when I try it.
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