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[D&D 5E's character sheet by Roll20] Add more colors to a spell's prepared bubble to indicate different types

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Long time user, first time posting on the community forum. I have a pretty straight forward quality of life suggestion. Currently you can either have a spell unmarked, or marked in red to -in general- mark a spell as prepared. Why not have the user choose the color for each spell? This basically allows people to mark spells that are always prepared and don't count against the total number of spells you can prepare, spells provided by a magic item or a feat . It would also allow you to highlight spells of a certain school of magic so they're more noticeable at a glance , similarly for spells that have a casting time of 1 reaction or a bonus action, etc. The possibilities are endless and you could provide the user with so much customizability if this change is implemented. My current workaround is to provide some form of description in the Innate section of a spell but when a spell is cast all of those details are shown to players and sometimes important details that should be kept secret are revealed like the use of a magic item or a certain feat or eldritch invocation, or the number of uses/ the refresh time of a spell, even the race of a character could be a secret in some games. (I also realize I can cast to DM but I'd have to do that for all spells to not raise suspicion for the other players and that would ruin any chance for the other players to review chat history and remember certain events, etc.) At the very least, just providing the user with a choice from 3 or 4 different colors for each spell can make a world of a difference.

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Decided to add visuals for the current state of the character sheet, my workaround for the issue, why it still fails, and how implementing the suggested feature would solve everything. This is my character's level 1 spell list. The text in grey next to a spell's name is the info I added to a spell's Innate section as a guide for myself on the origin & number of uses.  This is what casting the spell Faerie Fire  would look like in chat. As you can see, the spell's name now also includes the notes I had made for myself/the DM. Let's assume for a second that I had not revealed my race to the players at the virtual table, or that not everyone knows that races with Drow Descent can cast Faerie Fire exactly once a day, casting this spell to public chat now revealed some possibly spoiler-y information to the other players at the virtual table. Similarly for other spells which have been augmented with some info. Now since the color/fill of a spell's "prepared" bubble isn't included when casting a spell however, the spell list could instead look like this (without the notes in grey, or with minimal notes): Giving you the option to include as much detail as you want, and the ability to identify important info at a glance when leveling up or in that particularly stressful turn where you're looking for a reaction spell that could help.  And if you're a forgetful player -like me- or you want to share how you've organized your spell list with your DM, (or if you're a DM with a bunch of PC character sheets -also like me-) you could make a small legend in your notes to provide a description for what each color means as needed. This also does not interfere with the minimalists who may not want to use as many colors or those who cannot make use of these colors (for example certain types of color blindness) as it is after all a customization option, and the original colors (white/red) would still exist.  Edit: For those with certain types of color blindness, they could also identify a few colors that appear visually distinct for them and make a legend with those colors and hex codes for the players at their tables to use (if they're DMing for instance). Roll20 already offers support for a handy color picker that shows a color's hex code when selecting it and allows you to pick a color by inputting its hex code, a similar one could be used for this feature in the character sheet.  
Also good for those of us who like to play multiclassed messes. I’d like to know which spells I’m casting as a cleric, which as a Druid etc. Especially relevant when multiclassing different stat casters