I'm opening this topic on behalf of the creators & owners of Shaan Renaissance, that French RPG meant to be more knowned all over the world ! They would like to be able to onboard the marketplace with their products and to start with, they would like to be able to build up their own compendium. I've asked that question to the Licensing team through the issues report system but that seems to be lost in limbos..... The RPG owners have tons of material ready to be implemented to setup compendium & products (databases, JSON files, images,....) and the only thing they would like to know is " Where is the form to register as a content creator? " We tried to follow the advice on that forum " Prior to post.... " where it says " If you’re interested in selling your work on the Roll20 Marketplace, please check out our  Become A Creator  page. ", but it turns out that page is pretty useless, pointing to non existing FAQs and nothing else to do .... If someone could help us please ! Thanks in advance !