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Concentration script with custom Marker issue

Hi all, I have a little problem with the script concentration from Robin. I'm using my DM pro account for the api and macro programming because he's not very good at all that coding stuff. I've added a token marker to a custom set. this marker is called "concentré". It's a .png file and it's been added in my custom set with no issue I've added this name 'concentré' in the list of markers in the script. (I've put it as the first name in the list so it appears first when  you do the config). When I cast a spell, the chat says that my player is concentrating on the spell, but the marker doesn't appear on the token. It works well for every other token, but not this one i added... Is there another line in the script to correct to add this marker on the token ?? I admit that i don't understand what's the trouble with this marker.... Thanks for your help if you can.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
That's because custom token markers must be set with their tag name, which varies from the way status markers were traditionally set.  You can find the tag name most easily by looking at the help for TokenMod (it will be in [ ] after the marker name).  It will look like  concentré::1924124123 .  You can use that where you want to set the status.
Thank you, Worked fine, Didn't know about those tags thing.