In this 'TokenNameSwap' script thread , The Aaron wrote a nice little script that swaps out a token's GM Notes line with the current Token Name and it's been really useful.  (I'm also using this 'AddGMNote' script to add the GM Note.) I hadn't noticed it before, so I'm not sure if it's always been an issue, but sometimes  if the name in the GM Notes field has more than one word, then when using the !swap-token-name command it won't swap the names.  It will put the GM Notes name into the Token Name, but the Token Name won't be put into the GM Notes.  It always works correctly if there's only a single name. After some playing around, I'm pretty sure the issue is on the Roll20 side with character sheet settings, but I wanted to check and make sure.  If I use the AddGMNote script and put in a name that has more than one word, then use the !swap-token-name command to make the swap, it'll work incorrectly and not put the Token Name into the GM Notes field.  But if I use the AddGMNote script, then open the token's GM Notes and manually click on the 'Save Settings' button, then it'll work correctly. Before I run off and go through the bug report I just want to confirm I'm not the only one having this issue, or that it's not already known, or that I just need to make an update to either of the scripts.  It seems as though the GM Notes are not being saved properly or something (similar to how the --set defaulttoken on TokenMod won't preserve Bar Location and Style because those aren't exposed to the API). Thanks for any help/feedback that you may have!