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Two quick questions / suggestions

Regarding tokens : The three Radial Menu Bubbles : is it possible to have more than three ? I am using these in order to display the hitpoints (heart symbol), armor class (heartbeat symbol) and rapidity factor (flash symbol). I am using slightly modified AD&D1 rules regarding factors of rapidity (which are mome-rule calculated according to armor type, Dexterity and weapon type) and I was wondering if it would be possible to add more Radial Menu Bubbles (maybe 2 ?) which could be used to keep a visual track of a second weapon rapidity factor and for projectiles ammo. For example, I'd like to be able to know at an instant glance what is the player's AC, HP, Rapidity Factor with main weapon (sword for ex), Rapidity Factor with 2nd weapon (bow for ex) and Ammo remaining in quiver. Or maybe the colored dots "Status Indicator overlays" should have a figure box added that could be edited ? Regarding music / sounds : I'd love using more music /sound effects in my game but it is quite time consuming to find good stuff in the soundcloud site. A special thread would be cool where we could make some sort of top50 chart of cool musics / sounds used by DMs here... Is there something equivalent ?
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Dungeon Master:  At this time there is no way to do more than three bubbles. Sorry. I think one user has posted such a thread. If you search the forums for "Soundcloud" perhaps you can find the one where he posted a list. If not, let me know and I might be able to find it. - Gauss
Pat S.
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the thread Gauss mention might be this  one .
Ok thanks guys !