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[LFP][5e][Free][Saturdays] Endless Tides: Plunder, Pillage, & Peddle

Setting: Homebrew Time: Saturdays / 12pm CST - 5 pm CST / Every week System: 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Theme: Nautical game, lots of island exploration and sea travel -GM with partially filled party looking for a 5th player. -Extra preference for players who use character voices / enjoy RP -Game takes place in a world rife with politics, although it isn't the main focus of the campaign. Game is mainly adventure / sandbox nautical -Apply with snippet about yourself as a player, talk about favorite TTRPG moments, give me an idea of yourself as a player Aeon is a world of strife, a state it has existed in since the Dawn of Creation. When the earth was still cooling from the godly works that shaped it, deities began to slowly fill the world with their creation. Each god approached and took their turn to shape the new reality to their whim. Eventually the final task was ready to begin and so came the creation of mortals.   The first mortals to walk upon Aeon were the elves, but the trio of gods who made them also bestowed them with the ability to learn magic, the most central power of the gods themselves. The other gods looked on in an uproar, as giving mortals magic was never part of the original pact. Not to be outdone, the draconic deities took their turn and shaped their creations as well, granting them magic as well. This started a cascade effect amongst the gods, each making their chosen people, each being granted the gift of magic. The only god to abstain from this new development was the Allhammer, who stuck to the original pact and made his people from dust and stone. Once each god finished their task they looked upon the world and settled in, ready to watch their wager play out. For the gods came together to form Aeon with a gamble, although the original bet was never taught to mortals. Even without knowing their divine purpose each race sought out to master their surroundings in a form most pleasing to their deities.
Hello! I've been playing d&d for about a year so far, and have really been enjoying it. I enjoy trying to make mechanically unique characters, that do something outside of what a typical build of that class may: I'm thinking of building a melee focused wizard for my next character if it fits. Some of my favorite moments in my past games have been when my character is particularly useful in a specific combat, or I utilize their abilities in a unique manner. I guess I'm somewhat prone to minmaxing, but still trying to build a character around that particular set of abilities.  Would love to join a new campaign, and hear more about the world of Aeon.