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[5E] Module recommendations for level 6 party

Hi everyone, just finished taking a party of 4-5 characters through Dragon of Icespire Peak. We're now looking for premade modules/adventures to take us further. I enjoyed the loosely-connected style of the quests in Icespire, and I'm looking for more of the same. The party will be based near Phandalin as they're getting a stronghold nearby, so I'm planning a series of loosely connected adventures instead of a long-running arc. There's a lot of D&D 5E modules in the marketplace so I'm asking for you recommendations: Preferably level 6+ adventures, or content that can easily be scaled up to level 6+ Prefer loosely-connected quests, modular, easily mix-and-matched. Colorful, pretty maps that work well in Roll20, dynamic lighting. Good quality and polished tokens, handouts, etc. Things like token actions and other automations are appreciated. Something like Candlekeep Mysteries would be great but I hear the maps in that module is more the black-and-white style, I'm quite keen on pretty colorful maps. If there's an anthology/collections style module like Candlekeep but with prettier maps that would be great. Thanks in advance for your recommendations!
Brian C.
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Tales from the Yawning Portal might be a better fit for your style. Colorful maps and adventures at various levels that can be loosely linked together to create a pseudo adventure path. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> AAW Games has a whole slew of one shots arranged by PC level. They are not connected, but at $1/one shot, you can use them to fill in the gaps. MDT 5E: Level 6 Adventures MDT 5E: Level 7 Adventures MDT 5E: Level 8 Adventures MDT 5E: Level 9 Adventures Shelter from the Storm has the PCs arriving at a seaside town that has experienced a massive influx of refugees. The town and its surrounding area are the setting for numerous mini quests to help the town adjust to the new normal and cope with all of the extra people. Eventually, the PCs save the council from an assassination attempt and the town from a natural disaster. The adventure is for adventurers at levels 5-6, but it includes the means to adjust every encounter, so you can bump the difficulty up in the first half of the adventure to match your party and then level them up to level 7 at the end of the adventure. It is a part of an adventure path, so you could then have the party use the next adventure, The Mad King's Banquet, to get assistance from the nearby kingdom against the perpetrators of the assassination attempt and hurricane. From there, you could fully join the adventure path or go in a different direction. Shelter from the Storm The Mad King's Banquet

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Mark S.
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These are easy to adapt to any setting:&nbsp; Seven Souls Parts I and II