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What's up with "Genre" in the marketplace search?

So after all the time I've been using the marketplace, I only just now found that you can search by genre. By chance I typed in "historical" and it came up as "genre: historical", so I typed in "genre" out of curiosity and a whole drop-down list came up. Why is this not one of the search filters in the sidebar? Or is it there and I'm just not seeing it?
Forum Champion
Interesting, I haven't seen/used a genre parameter in the Marketplace search. Could be useful, particularly if that data field is filled-in on all the past sets in Marketplace back-catalog, if everything is sorted & labeled as such. Good find, I'll give it a test
Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
Compendium Curator
There is a whole slew of keywords that we fill in when setting up a new marketplace item.

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Marketplace Creator
Compendium Curator
I don't think they are front facing, but there are filters that we can fill out when submitting a set. Specifically the genre filters we can select from are: Agnostic (default) Fantasy Scifi Modern Historical Horror Steampunk Superhero Apocalypse Sports This was implemented a few years ago with the last marketplace overhaul, but I don't think they made any real way to filter them other than the standard search, and also older sets that came out before may or may not have these filters. Essentially they unlocked all of our old sets to be edited (for filters, tile/token sizes, and tags) and we had like... 3 months to update them all then it all got locked back up. So some creators may have edited their backlog, others might not have. I know I updated about 2/3 of my old backlog and then ran out of time. Most of my stuff was being filled out as agnostic anyways, but the tags and tile sizes of very old sets I didn't get to before time ran out. Personally I feel like we should be able to edit our old content like I can on other Marketplaces, but that's a different discussion.