The thread for all things BurnBryte by Roll20 sheet related including both the sheet itself and the Charactermancers. This the place for to collect known issues, bug reports, and see recent changes. Sheet Summary Most Recent Updates Resolved an issue with skills reporting incorrect values Improved translation support Added Graviton Crystal support How to Report a Bug Use this link to report a bug on Roll20’s Help Center. This is the best way to ensure the problem is seen by our team of sheet authors. When reporting a bug in this thread, please use the templates below. Sheet Issue Template Description of issue: Try being as detailed as possible when writing a description. Documenting the exact steps you've taken will let us follow the same path in trying to replicate & test the issue. Screenshots: A picture is worth a 1,000 words and a Gif 10,000. Feature Request Template Brief Description: A quick summation of the feature, why it is needed and who it would help. Screenshots: Book (Core Rule Book, Bestiary...), page links, etc.   Use the following template for the ‘By Roll20’ thread: