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Might have 1-2 slots for a DnD 5e game July 16th at 8:30 CST


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Using Basic Rules + Starter Set. Someone has already expressed interest in playing a rogue. You can create your own character using the basic rules or use a pregen from the Starter Set. Going to try and keep this going until we finish Lost Mines of the Phandelver. No prior experience necessary. Would love to increase the gender diversity, so any non-dudes are encouraged to apply. Edit to title: 8:30pm CST.
Hi, I'm a dude and only played 4e and a small amount of pathfinder. But if you need another player I'm your guy :)
i would like to try it i dont have the set or anything at all but if u still have room i would like to play wanna be a fighter

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I've got 2 players that would be interested. We both have voice, are experienced with 3.5/PF and some experience with 4e. Both of us are guys.
Are you still searching for people?
I would be interested in participating in this if there's room. I'm planning on DMing the starter set for some friends, but I'd enjoy an opportunity to play it as a PC. I'd also like the opportunity to roll my own character from the basic rules and play it instead of the pregens in the starter set. I don't have a whole lot of experience playing prior to this, other than a couple months of weekly pathfinder with some friends, but I'm very read up on 5e. I have microphone/webcam and am up for whatever.
Are you still looking for players? I have a bit of experience with 3.5 and wouldn't mind playing tonight.
All spots are currently filled, but the chances are good someone will drop. I'll post here again around 8:30-9pm CST when that happens.
I have one slot open right now, for anyone over age 18+, interest?
i would like to try :)