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Need help - the lighting in my game broke all of a sudden! GM screen too bright, player screen too dull.

Hi everyone. I've been running the Icewind Dale module on roll20 for a few weeks without any hitches, but just today, the lighting has gone haywire. As you can see from the screenshots below, the GM view is WAY too bright, but the player's view is way too dim. No idea really how it happened. All I did today was add a few pets to the ranger character (which I didn't assign yet), and a couple of magic item handouts! Any help is appreciated. Thankyou! I've posted screenshots here as I kept getting error message trying to upload directly to this message:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>?
Ok... sooo... I did do one more thing, which is give a couple of tokens the 'nocturnal' vision in night mode. Somehow, that gave EVERY token ever a White tint. Is there a way to revert this night vision tint for all tokens back to transparent?
Maybe in game settings? From the game page, under settings, look into Game Default Settings.&nbsp; There are a lot of token settings there which autofill for new tokens.&nbsp; Maybe an aura or a vision color is autofilling, although I don't know how it would have gotten set that way to begin with.
Thank you for your response. While that would fix new tokens, the issue is the time drain to fix all existing tokens. My initial panic was because this was a setting (night vision tint color) I'd never touched and so didn't really know that it would be something to look at. It was through sheer luck that I noticed it. Could not figure out exactly what caused it (could be scripts though I dont use many and pretty much the widely used ones, could be some other network error), but I suppose its a case of c'est la vie.
Thank you for the report! We're looking into the Night Vision issue now so hopefully we'll have an answer (and a fix) shortly.
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Question, you say "gave EVERY token ever a White tint. " Does this include NPC tokens? Generally, NPCs are not given sight, partially for some of the reasons you list.
Alright, we're working on a fix now! In the interim, the workaround is to change the Night Vision tint colour to something else, save the settings, and then change it back to white (or whatever you'd like) and that will get the vision working again properly.
Update! We've put out a fix for the issues you were encountering with Night Vision. It was an issue where tokens that had the default value set for their night vision tint (or no value was ever set) prior to Tuesday's update were not correctly revealing the map for that token. I'm going to close this thread. If you're having any further problems, please don't hesitate to drop them in the UDL 1.0 thread .