What is Project Clarity? Project Clarity is a "West Marches" style soft sci-fi game. After 10 players go through onboarding, sessions will open up for players to participate in missions as often as they like. Have a random week night available? Sign up for a Project Clarity session and get to continue developing your character without the need for an entire group getting together. The mission games are paid games through StartPlaying.Games, but this onboarding is FREE. I want to share this great game with people, and I am also hoping to find players who would like me to run other paid games for them. I can run anything but hard sci-fi. For real- I just can't connect to it. So for tonight just show up with 2-3 ideas for expendable beings. We will make characters as we play, so we can get right to the action. The link for tonight's onboarding session is here-&nbsp; <a href="https://startplaying.games/game/60ad0312e186660008fe49f2" rel="nofollow">https://startplaying.games/game/60ad0312e186660008fe49f2</a>