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Dinner at Lionlodge - a Pathfinder Second Edition One-Shot, now available on Roll20!


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Emily Floyd
Roll20 Team
We are into day two of PaizoCon 2021 , folks! Yesterday, I had the awesome job of announcing the release of Band on the Run , the Starfinder One-Shot enjoying its PaizoCon debut, on the Roll20 Marketplace. Tonight, I’m thrilled to follow that up with the announcement of Dinner at Lionlodge , the latest One-Shot for Pathfinder Second Edition, now available on the Roll20 Marketplace! As with Band on the Run , we are proud to offer this new adventure in sync with the title’s official launch during its debut PaizoCon Liveplay . Tonight’s show features the talents of Glass Cannon Network with a cast that includes Troy Lavallee, Noura Ibrahim, Alica Marie, Skid Maher, and Joe O’Brien.  Built with 4th level pre-generated characters and designed for the ultimate VTT experience, Dinner at Lionlodge is written by James Jacobs and is the second in a new line of one-shot adventures for Pathfinder Second Edition from Paizo (following the recently released Sundered Waves ). It includes 4th level pre-generated characters who make use of the new ancestries in Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide and Pathfinder Lost Omens Ancestry Guide . Lost Omens… why do I feel like I have something to tell you all about Lost Omens…? OH WELL, I guess that announcement will have to wait for another time. For now, let’s focus on Dinner at Lionslodge . This adventure is, of course, fully integrated into the Roll20 VTT sporting all the features you love, like GM layer information and dynamic lighting, ready for you and your players to *checks notes* sit down to a lovely dinner! Dinner at Lionlodge is available as a module on the Roll20 Marketplace here . Got Questions? We are here to help! What's Inside? The module includes all book assets and information fully integrated for the VTT with GM layer information and Dynamic Lighting support ( requires plus / pro subscription ). Which Character Sheet should I use? All official Pathfinder Second Edition content on Roll20 uses the Pathfinder Second Edition by Roll20 character sheet. Does this item benefit from Paizo Account Sync? We are experiencing a bug right now that is preventing users from redeeming Paizo Account Sync benefits with this product. We are working together with Paizo to sort this issue out and will hopefully have an update for you soon!
Nice! Was pleasantly surprised to see these two up day 1! 
I'll be playing this myself on Saturday and THANKS for the Lost Omens HINT that one of those will be out on Roll20 sooner or later Emily!! :) Tom
Emily Floyd
Roll20 Team
Have fun, Tom! And keep your eyes peeled.... :D

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You bet and thanks for the reply, session went well, and I am hoping for good news in the Adventure Path line as well (STR of 1000's PLEASE!!), but this is'nt the right thread for that stuff, LOL Tom :)
Katie C.
KS Backer
Yes, please! I will 100% buy the upcoming APs in a heartbeat if they're put on here. I can set them up myself, (have, several times), but I love being able to just buy it and go.