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MonsDRAWsity Base Game and Expansions, Now on the Roll20 Marketplace!


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Emily Floyd
Roll20 Team
The Roll20 Marketplace just got a bit more BEASTLY with the latest release from Deep Water Games! Those of you with pro subscriptions have hopefully already been enjoying the chaotic fun of this game on Roll20 - it was our featured Roll20 Reserve item for the month of May. Maybe you saw the hilarious Roll20 playthrough of MonsDRAWsity by Stir Friday Night , or maybe you caught the guest blog post from creator Eric Slauson detailing the creative ways you can integrate MonsDRAWsity into your TTRPG campaigns . Or maybe you’re simply looking for a fun party experience on Roll20 - to break the ice with a new campaign group, to stay connected while party members are missing, or just to hang out with friends and play with Roll20’s tools. Either way, I’m delighted to tell you: it’s time for MonsDRAWsity to make its Marketplace debut, and we’re thrilled to welcome it with some additional content to keep the game fresh! MonsDRAWsity is A MONSTERously fun game of sketch artists and eye witnesses! As a paranormal investigator, it's your job to sketch out each anomaly based on your witness's description, but be careful... they didn't get a good look, and it's up to you to fill in the blanks! This is the perfect fast-paced party game. Each round plays in less than three minutes, for a constant source of giggles and friendly competition. The card decks feature awesome monsters designed by top artists. Additionally, this is the perfect long-distance game! Try MonsDRAWsity on Roll20 to bring your group together - your adventuring party, your family, and your friends are all sure to have a blast. Play MonsDRAWsity in multiple ways with the Roll20 VTT! Options for 3-4 players and 3-8 players, with or without Dynamic Lighting support, available! MonsDRAWsity is fully integrated into the VTT, including a card deck featuring all in-game art, and handouts that teach you how to play, along with player mats that accommodate up to 8 players. Players with plus / pro subscription can take advantage of the Dynamic Lighting-supported player mats, which allow for your players to hide their drawings until they are revealed in play. Check the " Roll20 Tips & Tricks " handout in-game for information about how to get the most out of your MonsDRAWsity experience on Roll20! Play with Less Prep. Select your preferred game mat via Page selection in the VTT. No cleanup necessary! No need to flip a table when you're finished; simply create a new game from the module when you want to play again. --- BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Starting today, we are also proud to feature for the first time on Roll20 the Cute Creatures Expansion Pack . This card deck adds 40 new cute-themed monsters to the game, ready to add in to the base game to keep the giggles rolling. --- BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! As of today, we are proud to announce that the latest expansion for MonsDRAWsity, the Robots Expansion Pack , is available EXCLUSIVELY on Roll20. This deck includes 50 all-new cards featuring robot-themed monster art. This expansion won’t be hitting the shelves until later in the year - so get it on Roll20 and be the first to add these beastly bots to your Anomaly line-up. --- OH YEAH, JUST A LITTLE MORE. The base game and each of the expansion decks are available individually, but there are also bundles available for those of you who want the full experience. For our pro subscribers who already snagged the base game, you can pick up both expansions with our Expansion Pack Bundle . And for those who are starting fresh and want to grab everything at once, the Complete Bundle is what you’re looking for. --- So, to sum up: Base Game : Click here! Cute Creatures Expansion Pack : Click here, uwu! (Note: Does not come with base game.) Robots Expansion Pack , available exclusively at launch on Roll20: Beep boop, Click here! (Note: Does not come with base game.) Expansion Pack Bundle : Click here, click here! (Includes both Cute Creatures and Robots Expansion decks. Note: Does not come with base game. A great grab for those of you who already redeemed the base game through Roll20 Reserve!) Complete Bundle : CLICK HERE! (This comes with the base game plus both expansion decks - a fully-inclusive bundle!) Please note, the base game is a Module containing the game mats, instructions, and original card deck. Once purchased, it can be selected from your available modules when creating a new game. The Expansion Packs are Addons . Once purchased, they can be selected via the Game Addons dropdown menu on the Game Details page. You’ll need to make sure they are selected to add the card decks into your game! You can learn more about Card Decks on Roll20 here . By the way, I highly encourage you all to share your masterpieces after you’ve played. I honestly can’t get through a session without laughing until I’m CRYING.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
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This looks like great fun!