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One of my PC sees everything in the DM layer following a wrong drag and drop - How to fix this issue ?

I was set on the DM layer in Castle Ravenloft in the catacombs and unfortunately drag one of my PC token on it. I saw my mistake quickly but now every time I drag N drop his token and checks what he sees using CTRL+L I can see he sees all the DM tokens and drawings (secret traps, hidden monsters, notes, Room Nrs, etc.). I tried a few things, including removing the see option from his token, then reassigning it to his sheet and so, but nothing seems to work... Any other idea ?
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Have you verified with your player that they can see what is on the GM layer?  When you use control+L, it should give you the line of sight of that token, but you still have your GM permissions and will see things within that line of sight that a player cannot (like stuff on the GM layer). 
Ah ok, cool I was afraid of that I will check with him this evening. Hopefully I am afraid for nothing ;)
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DM_Val said: Ah ok, cool I was afraid of that I will check with him this evening. Hopefully I am afraid for nothing ;) I've never had a player be able to see anything on the GM layer.  But... there is always the possibility of something strange, so you could just start your player(s) out on a test map and make sure they can't see anything they shouldn't.  You can also assign yourself specifically a token (so that you have edit/control permissions) with vision and a light source, make sure the player ribbon is on the map you want to test, and then "Rejoin as Player". 

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Hi DM_Val, A couple of options, if you are concerned: Assign control of the character to your self and check while logged in as a Player. That should show you what the character can see Use the DL tool menu to reset darkness on the page. In general, Ctrl-L is only used to determine line of sight for targeting purposes. It does not (and never has) given an accurate depiction of the player view. As GM, you are always going to see the stuff you describe.