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What's the best way to go about making a shapeshifting token?

In my game, a player got a cursed item which will make them involuntarily change form randomly based on a chart of 50 possible forms. I'd like to visually represent this in game, but I want  bit of advice as to what would be the most sensible way to do this. The simplest method would be to just have 50 token images, and when they shape shift to just make this token represent their character sheet. But this would be a little cumbersome, especially as I'd have to make each token connect to the player's hp each time they were forced to shapeshift. Another method I thought up was to have each token attached to a dummy character sheet so they're already in the journal and already synced up to hp, and just change which token the sheet uses.  Another thought I had was making a multi-sided token with all 50 forms on one place. But I do not know whether or not the player will be able to change the token themselves or if there is a way to lock them out from changing the token.  What would you think is the best approach to this? Are there other ways to approach this I haven't thought about? 

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The Aaron
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Without the API, what you've laid out are the only choices.  One refinement I'll point out for the second option, using dummy characters: The token can still be representing their character and configured with their hit points linked to an attribute on their character, but stored as the default token of the dummy character.  You can withhold control of the dummy character from them, so only you can drag the dummy character's token onto the board.  Once it's there, it will be their token for their character, and they'll be able to interact with it as normal. The only thing you'd gain from the API is the ability to do all the manipulations with a token action or macro without the need to create a bunch of dummy characters. One thing to clarify, if a player has control of a multi-sided token, they can choose the side for it.  There isn't a way to lock them out of that.