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LOOKING FOR PLAYERS Free Medieval sea faring RPG , BEGINNERS WELCOME, Discord Audio required


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Firewinds of the Seas is a pre-gunpowder Medieval Pirate Adventure with some limited magic, like Egyptian, Mayan, Samurai, and Viking Mythology, or the Odyssey by Homer.  ALL PLAYERS ARE HUMAN CHARACTERS, and some of the NPCS are Fantasy creatures on this ocean islands open world setting.  This game system is NOT D&D or PATHFINDER, but is much easier to learn and play, and not limit your character to a certain set of class or race abilities.   New players can join and I will make you a basic zero stat level character to play for today so you can try out the game.  It is ok to just join and listen in, or join  and play mid game. It is FREE TO PLAY.  When you play your first game you will be a “red shirt''. You will get a low stat character and get to play today, it will not be a 4 hour "zero secession" of making characters. So if you Join today you jump right in the action today!  I understand you will be new to the game system. I will not leave you in the cold and I will help you learn it, there is a reason for everything, feel free to ask.  After your first session, which you get to keep your loot and weapons and XP points, we will make you a character in about 20 minutes. This is so the rest of the party is not waiting on you.  I play 3-4 times a week.   usually 8-9pm MST (GMT-6) . I play three types of games.  One shot pick up games, “legacy” storyline games, and I dm for private games that meet at weekly times for groups of established friends who want me to Gm for them.  The one shots are for single new players where you just go out and follow a limited story line and kill things. These often do not affect the “Legacy” storyline of my ongoing games but you get to keep the XP and the loot you earn. These may not have a lot of “role play” in them but if  you are not available for every session, you may play when you can.  The second type which I call the “Legacy” games are with my experienced "Royalty" players where they follow a storyline centered around them. These games have more “role play'' and the red shirts play a more supporting role in this game and the red shirts need to help and follow the royalty crew with their mission. The legacy games play whenever my royalty crew is all available to play,  and again It is no big deal if you can't make every game, or arrive late, or have to leave mid session because the game story is centered around them. The third type of game I run is private games for groups with their own story line. If you have a group of 3 or more close friends and a set time when you all meet weekly or bi weekly, I will run a special game for you and your friends and no other players if you wish. In this type of game the story will revolve around you and your crew.     This is a fighting and warrior game. The magic/religion skill in this game system can help you deal with situations and make your weapon attack rolls a little better and give you a little protection from attacks and a small amount of healing.  These powers come from your god or deity and give you an edge against the odds but are not a game breaking weapon that make you a God yourself.  This is not Harry Potter your won't be able to kill things with a magic wand. Make a character that is ready to fight for the honor of your namesake and is not too good to get their hands bloody and will gouge out the eyes of your enemies in the middle of battle. You should be able to throw spears and shoot bows to weaken the numbers of your enemies before melee combat begins. You will also need to be civilized enough to visit towns and villages , negotiate with craftsmen and secure contracts for lucrative expeditions, and charm the royalty, magistrates and fair maidens into favorable determinations.     Everyone can do healing but if you do it wrong you can end up hurting the ones you are trying to help, especially if you don't have a lot of skill in it.   All dice rolls are done online so there is no cheating including my rolls. I have programmed macros so you don't have to do a lot of math, just push a few buttons to roll on your turn.  This is an open world game and there will be lots of bad guys to kill, so please no murder hobos, be a hero.  Normally I play a sci-fi version of this game and I have run about 300+ games with players of all ages including groups of 6th graders so I am pretty good at herding cats and welcoming new players and helping them with the rules.  There will not be a lot of frills , no dynamic lighting and such which seems to cause even more problems with the pathetic roll20 platform. Often I just white board my games so you have to use your imagination a lot and I will try to use as much original art as possible.  I also draw and scan in a lot of black and white illustrations to the discord group. REQUIREMENTS  You must have discord audio (video preferred but not required) but I am on camera so you can see if your internet froze or dropped, or if am walking around the house putting out fires or getting a snack. Jump in the game and scroll to the link for our discord. IF you want to play, jump in and ask for help starting a character! Or message me directly on discord FirewindsOfTheSuns#2162 if you have questions.  I use lots of bad words so 18+, but I censor out a lot of Graphic Sexual Conduct and will cut to scenes like tv shows do.    We welcome people of all races and sexual orientations so don't be ashamed to be who you are in the fantasy realm, but I do not give anyone any special treatment or privilege because of it. Any real life racism or homophobia will be banned as well as any “distracting others from the game ‘attention wH0re$’ ” of any gender or race. I self identify as “Royalty” and my prefered pronoun is “ Excellence”. You can view and/or print the free character sheet and character generation sheets, game system rules on our website  firewindsoftheseas , but you don't really need to. I also play a space-western version of this game and I animated one of my games on youtube search for "firewinds of the suns" check it out if you want to see my GMing style.  I enjoy gaming podcasts like “the adventure zone” , “Roll for combat”, “Harmon quest”, and Demonac’s “tales from my DND campaign”. And I hope to start recording sessions for another animated podcast. Or you can just ask for more info on Discord!  

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Interested. Discord,your username, doesn't work though.
same as it has always been
Hello. I'm interested in learning more about your game, but your Discord handle is broken, and I don't see a server link in this post.  May I please have the invite link or your Discord handle again, or may I private message you my handle?
Hi Interested here but I have issues with timezones so Please pm me your discord link so I can have a chance to sit down and chat
Discord is FirewindsOfTheSuns#2162 sorry appearantly autocorrect put it in wrong