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Roll Random List

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I searched but did not find, so I made this. If its somewhere else tell me and Ill vote like this: /r "apple, banana, cranberry, date"  rolls 1d4 and returns the result, so rolling 2 returns banana and rolling 3 returns cranberry. length is arbitrary, say, 'up to 20' /r "black, blue, green, red, white" rolls a 1d5 and returns the result, so a 2. returns blue. etc please make this happens without a macro. it should be fairly easy to implement and is super useful. there should be some way to hide the list and just show result to players. like of the DM uses it or perhaps the type of quotes used.
Scott C.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I believe what you want is rollable tables. They aren't quite that dynamic, but are how table rolls are implemented.
can they be done inline? what I am suggesting is not a lot of code, 10-20 lines parseinputstring "g,h,j" = new array roll = rand(count(new array)) return: new array(roll) its really about that easy for the basics