Hi there my name is Dylan, im a 22 year old dude from Australia and im looking to make a game for my  Sundays  at  11:30 am   GMT+10! Im hoping to talk using  Discord  and play using  Roll20! Unfortunately the time and day really can't be negotiated (sorry). im hoping to find at least 5-6 players and HOPEFULLY a DM.... What im looking for  are chill people to play with both in game and hopefully out of game, a lot of times ive played with people, we just talk game day and never any other, so im hoping to make some more friends as well as find a group to play with!  For a game  I personally prefer homebrew because I feel like there is a lot more freedom of choice and path, and that is a big thing for my I want us to have to freedom to make silly/unique character ideas and choices. Please don't post if: If you are a rules lawyer! If you are someone you wants an evil campaign! if you just want to make a broken character! You have a bad mic! You are under the Age of 20 (had bad experiences with younger players...) Someone who puts down others/ is generally a jerk! I will make this very clear! I will not support any bulling or anything else in the same vain at all, I want to make a game where everyone is welcomed and happy, so if you join PLEASE tell me if anyone or anything bothers you because I will act for you! *If you want to join my ragtag group please post below with the following!* Name: Pronouns: Age: Country/Timezone:   Do you have Discord: Do you have a Decent Mic?: Are you new to D&D?: How long have you been playing D&D? 5e? have you used roll20? (Im happy to help teach if needed!): Please list any pet peeves you may have: What do you love about D&D? Tell me about yourself: (sense of humor, personality, anything you're comfortable sharing.) What are you looking for from the group and from the game?: What is your Player Style: What hesitations do you have about this group?: What is the most important thing about a game for you?: Character Name: Character Race/Class: Character Image (if you have it): Anything Interesting you wish to share about your character: Why should we pick you?: