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skewD6 custom roll

actually, skewed 2d6 roll. i have a year+, multi group set of campaigns that have a bunch of content using -3 to +3 attr/move combinations (started from dungeon world, don't ask), and I want to modify it so that as your bonus increases through +1 to +9 the curve shifts slowly to the right, but leaves the odds of rolling a 2, for example, always the same. Essentially, if you plot a 2d6 as a histogram of the number of "dice combinations" that would give you a particular sum, with each additional +1 on your roll, rather than 2d6+1 (roll a 7 you get an 8) i want to adjust the histogram so that there is one more "way" to roll a number over 7, and one less way to roll a number 6 or less, and basically have a table of the manually set probabilities of how each advantage maps to a skewed bell curve.  I can totally code this in javascript - is there a way to make a javascript function replace the 2d6 in the roll notation: [[2d6]]? 
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Table is exactly what you want. Rollable Table, actually. You can give it a range of values and set their integer weights to get the distribution you desire. They're in the collections tab. You can roll them like: [[ 1t[your-table-name] ]]
@The Aaron that is really close, but I can only see how to create one of the tables - say adv3 (the +3 advantage version), and roll that [[1t[adv3]]] - which works and does seem to give the distribution i was seeking. However, I guess I need to interpolate something into the name of the table for which "advantage" table to use? so when the player hits the roll button, the rolls will collect some parts to give a -9 to +9 dis/advantage and the roll has to use the correct table for the specific dis/ad. 
update on where i'm at so far: this works: result=[[1t[adv@{strength_mod}]]] - now i'm trying to figure out how to replace the part that says "@{strength_mod}" with something like "@{strength_mod} + @{movemod} + @{calledadvantagemod}" and have that interpolate the same way that @{strength_mod} does right now.
i tried [[1t[adv(0+3)]]] but that gives me table not found even though [[1tadv3]] works fine, so clearly the () isn't the right way to interpolate.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Try putting it in inline roll brackets [[ ]] [[1t[adv[[0+3]]]]]
will do! thanks
got it working, thanks!