Greetings! My name is  Euphamia   and i'm looking for a group to play in a homebrew game!  I been running my own group for the past year and had quite a bit of fun.  But peoples scheduled started to change and we lost most of the core group.  So now I'm looking to be just a normal player and get back in to the Pen and Paper type of game play that I have fallen in love with.  I been searching on and off for the past few months and nothing has jumped out at me.  So was hoping I would find a good suggestion here.   Nothing in the  AM  please!  ( PDT  time zone) Best days would be Sunday , Monday or Thursdays ! So let's get down to the basics of what i'm looking for. 5th Edition Rule set but not locked in to following those rules 100% Fantasy Based world preferred but will listen to a good science fiction story concept like Cyberpunk, Star Wars or Fallout Type of games. 75% Role Play - 20% Combat - 5%  Maaaaaagic! 18+ Game Group As a good story has death,  blood and violence in it. Voice over discord based game. And a DM willing to work with there players!   Thanks  for listening and hope someone finds this post interesting!