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5e NPC sheet doesn't wrap hp formular

Hey, I just stubled upon this little formatting issue in the 5e Statblock for NPC. You can set the HP and a text, usually something like "3d8+6", but as I am creating a statblock where this field reads "1 + your Intelligence modifier + your artificer level (the homunculus has a number of Hit Dice [d4s] equal to your artificer level)", I come to realize that it does not wrap this. Currently, it looks something like this: You can see that the action on the right side cuts of the text. Without the action, the text simply continues into the right column. Would be nice to have this issue fixed soon. Best regards Tim :)
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You should report this on the official feedback thread for the  D&D 5th Edition by Roll20 . In the meantime, though, you could re-write the ability somewhat: Or in your case: 1 + your Intellingence mod + your artificer level in d4 Hit Dice
Thank you for your advice, I posted this in the feedback threat as well.