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[Script] Face2Face Dynamic Lighting Helper


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Hi all, I'm digging out this subject and this script, because i'd like to play a game on face to face. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I've tried this script and things are kindda working. Here's my configuration. I have one laptop where i'm connected as a DM (with a pro account, not this account) I have a second laptop where I'm connected as a player (same pro account) I'm the only one connected (as it should be). I've Set the Character ids as they should be in the script. Now here's what happens (or not happens actually). When i switch the turn order, the green dot appears on the character that is on top of the turn order. That works fine. But the vision doesn't switch. Normally, this script switches the controlled by parameter so only the token that is supposed to play sees what's going on. The only way that the vision switches is refresh the page and then the effect is as it should be. I've tried to set the permissions to only myself (dm) or to only the character, or to both characters and DM but it doesn't change the non-switching problem. Could it be another issue with the updated dynamic lighting issue (this script is quite old so not sure if things were only working on LDL...) Could someone help ? Thank you all.
If you’re looking for a script that switches a (dummy/viewer) players view/control to the active turn order tokens view, look for the Observer script. I’m on my phone so I might be misreading what you’re trying to do.&nbsp;
I just did and Aaron just wrote back to me saying that there is probably an issue with the udl not updating views.&nbsp;