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4E Tomb of Horrors (Extremely lethal dungeon crawl)

I have a lot of free time between games, and I'm just casting out my line in case there's anyone out there willing to take up the challenge. What is it?: Tomb of Horrors is an AD&D dungeon crawl module designed to be a a challenge for anyone who thinks they're up for it. It is lethal, it is a dungeon for the thinking man, and it's extremely fun. IMPORTANT: This is NOT a full campaign, this is a one-shot dungeon which can last a few sessions depending on the group. Characters will be made at level 9 and won't be doing any ongoing play after the dungeon, unless I can dig up another crawl to run or something. This is very much a fight against the DM. When is it?: I don't know yet. Sundays EST maybe? I currently have games on Friday and Saturday, but could consider a weekday if there's demand. What do you need?: A working knowledge of 4E rules, and experience enough to take the challenge. This is not a learning game or beginner's module. You'll need Skype to get in contact with me, and the ability to attend sessions and be personable enough to get along with. It is recommended that people who join have no prior experience with Tomb of Horrors, in any edition, as that makes it considerably less fun for everyone. Other details: I'll be doing my usual stuff, which includes all but physical skill checks rolled in secret. I've re-written the module from the ground up for increased challenge, because the original 4E version was not nearly lethal enough. That's really all. How do I join?: Send me a message on Skype, or by PM with a Skype name, with a little bit of information on availability and basic experience stuff. My Skype name is Askren- That's all.
What level are you doing this at?
Askren, I'd be interested. I have a fair amount of experience with 4E. I have a Genasi storm soul wizard illusionist I usually like to play 4E with. I've played him up to 11th level (can level him down easily). The tricky part is I am available only nights EST on Mondays and Tuesdays usually but not Sundays... skype: ssoltz thanks!
Lethal? In 4e? I don't think so! If you do any other version, i'd like to be a paladin.
Michael B.
KS Backer
If it is REALLY Tomb of Horrors (I've played the original and the 4e DM Bonus pack) have 2-3 characters each "in the wings" to keep play moving Have FUN!