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Attacks spells Broken on 5e OGL sheet

Hi all, Yesterday I played a game, as we do every week. But last nightr, strangely enough, when my players were trying to cast the spells from the spells page on the 5e OGL sheet, the spell would not be cast and only get a "couldn't find ability" error and a repeating attack message in the chat. When we try to cast the spell from the attacks page, the spell would work normally but would be counted down on the spell slots.... My players always used to cast their spells from the spell page and we never had problems before... what's happening ?? Do i Have to go through all my players attack spells and redo them all ??? please don't tell me so.... Can someone explain ? Thanks for your help.
Roll20 Team
Hi Lionel - Could you send in a help ticket via <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and include an invite link to your game, please? Thanks!
I corrected averything by switching the spell to "spell card" and then back to "attack spell" and everything got back to normal.... strange behavior though, and quite annoying to discover this in the middle of a game....