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Re-using games.

Friends, if I am about to use a game with a different playing group, is there anyway of re-setting things that may have changed during the first play? For example, hand outs that were originally NOT shared with the players and then were.
Delete old game and create a new one?
Sheet Author
There isn't as far as I know.  If you have something that you might run more than once, I recommend setting up a version of it with all the handouts, npcs, macros, etc. just as you want them and then not using that version to play.  Simply copy that template any time you start it with a new group.
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Kraynic's advice is probably the best solution for the Plus level. I do know that there is a script that can "re-set" scenarios, but that would require a Pro subscription, and is something you would have to set up ahead of time.
I would definitely suggest just creating a copy of the game.  Any handouts/characters that were linked to individual players will no longer be linked (as those players are no longer available to be linked to), but you may have to go through any that were set to 'All Players'.   If you look in the journal, you'll see a small colored dot next to any handouts/characters that have player visibility.  Just make sure that any handouts you don't want shared don't have a dot next to them and they won't be visible in players' journals.
Pat S.
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If this was a purchased module then making a new game is as easy as making a new game with the module. If it is a homebrewed or handmade game then your best bet is to copy the game then go into the copy and manually reset everything. As other have stated, making a copy before gameplay is best if you think you are going to reuse it.