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Need better support for animated maps... so they actually work

Sheet Author
In spite of what this completed suggestion says, animated maps actually don't work all that well (see&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) Problems: - Uploads take forever (multiple hours) for files that are only a couple of MB - Sometimes those uploads still fail - There are incompatibilities with updated dynamic lighting that cause issues with animations - Dragging animated maps into pages sometimes changes the look of the page in the browser, but they don't actually load when the page opens With the large number of VTTs that are now supporting animated maps, I think it is time for Roll20 to really implement support for this feature. My suggestion would be that they not be treated as a normal upload. They clearly need their own interface for uploading quickly and attaching to page. (Note: I have seen posts from Roll20 blaming the local users browser, and I'm sure that's the case sometimes. However, in testing, I've uploaded animated maps to three other services and each of them managed to upload quickly and display properly. My same setup cannot make them work consistently on Roll20, so I believe this is a suggestion that Roll20 coders could implement) Thanks!
Yeah. We need to be able to upload larger files too. Otherwise, the animated maps will have to be tiny, have very short animations, be very blurry, or all three. Another issue I've noticed is that if I have a gif on one page, the outline of it will often appear on other pages.
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