Crypt of Kren  Nearly a century ago during early stages of the ongoing Great War between the Civule Empire and the Sovereignty of Aveth, there was a Great General by the name of Kren Deagoth. General Kren was a brutal Orc leader from the city of Suehl and legend says he wore a powerful Gauntlet named Keraunos. The Gauntlet was said to be the sentient remains of a Fallen Titan from the Old Age, and through it Kren wielded the Strength of the Gods. For nearly a decade Kren led battles at the borderlands of the two nations, and he slaughtered men by the thousands on the lands between the Gatetowns and Suehl. He alone is responsible for the halt of expansionism from the Civule Empire. These lands are now known as the Deagoth Barrens and are an untraveled and inhabitable wasteland of war and ruin. The Fall of Kren is unknown as he was never slayed in battle, and his death is undocumented even in Aveth's history and lore, his final days are a complete mystery. The last known whereabouts of Kren was when he and a small convoy of minions journeyed to the south to conquer the Gatetowns, but the battles never happened. The convoy was never seen again by anyone, not from Civule nor from Aveth... Until now... Summary This adventure takes place when a cleric from the Hand of the Harold contacts the party and explains the history of the fallen general and claims to have found his burial place. He will hire the Party to escort him into the Barren Wastelands on the border between the two nations to investigate and locate the Gauntlets of Keraunos and destroy them so that they do not fall into the wrong hand. Quick Guide System:  D&D 5E Recommended Average Party Level (APL):  5 Theme:  Dungeon Crawl, Betrayal Length:  One Shot (5-8 hours) Installation:  Add-On Get the Full Adventure all set up and ready to go RIGHT HERE (Not to be confused with the Crypt of Karen, that is a different adventure in a different shopping mall)