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CYBERPUNK RED - Nevar530 Character Sheet


Edited 1624859570
Missed the two month window to keep old post open&nbsp; Old thread for reference. Sorry for the time away I have a lot of pans on the stove like most of us do. I have been working on some additions to the sheet and will get uploaded to GitHub&nbsp; CYBERPUNK RED - NEVAR530 . Cyberpunk Red has an interesting critical rule that is if 2 of your damage dice are 6 you roll on the Critical Injuries table (pg 187). I have the dice separate out so you can see the individual dice rolls and a total. Next step is to either make a roll able table (don't want to do because it will not import with the sheet) or find a way to have a button come up you click to roll and return a sheet worker line of text explaining the attack. Mobile version still has default font issues and linking actions. I think some of the roll issues are because most of the rolls are based on sheet workers and it is having issues processing all of the actions. the fonts are throwing off the alignment. Mobile is still a work in progress. I figured out a way to use Google fonts on the mobile app. I added how I did it to the wiki.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Update to the sheet. All of the Disabled fields are changed to readonly with sheet workers added. The sheet is completely usable in the mobile app excluding the rolling template errors in the app and not being able to add or delete repeating fields.&nbsp;&nbsp;