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Journal Entries playing Hard to get?

Does any one else have an issue with opening something on the journal tab ie. handout, stats etc, then after you close it not being able to reopen it? I have had this happen several times, causing me to have to log out and log back in to be able to access them. Just didn't know if it was a weird setting or something? I'm super new and still trying to figure out how to DM, have access to everything I need and being able to see and use my map at the same time...LOL TIA
It’s a glitch with Chrome that happens when a character sheet or handout gets ‘popped out’ into its own window. It reoccurs occasionally when Chrome has an update, then Roll20 fixes it, then it reappears etc. I’d suggest unchecking the ‘pop out windows’ setting on the Game Setting tab. There’s no fix when it happens other than refreshing your browser. 
Ahhhh, thank you so much!