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Filtering the games list to only actual games to play?


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I assume i must be missing something here. How do you filter the "join a game" list to only see actual games, instead of players and groups of players wishing for a GM? I noticed that if you go to post your game,&nbsp; the one you plan to run, LFG, it does ask that this be a real game to be played and not players looking for a game, so what gives with all the posts of players looking for a game instead of games to get in? Do we really have to read all the listings and manually filter it in order to seek out actual games on the list that can be joined from all the players looking for a game to get in? I mean this one is down right click bait titled " Looking for players!!! " <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> but then if you read it, they are not a GM and they are not running a game, the last line of their post is "(BTW im a player looking for other players not a DM...) NEW PLAYERS ARE WELCOME!!!" What are "new players" being welcomed to, if there is no game but just literally&nbsp; a group of curated players still in need of a GM? Is the "find a game" tool really just a dump bucket of everything in one inseparable pile of both LFG/LFP arbitrarily?

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So 66 views and no reply. thus the answer is, the "join a game" tool is in fact the Looking for players AND Looking for group tool all rolled into one. And we the end users, just have to manual filter out all the Looking for GM/group posts to find the ones that are actually a game looking for players. As i suspected, the truth of this is, we are why we can't have nice things. Like LFM and LFG as two separate lists, rather than one big pile of the opposite things together. With our own manual calorie powered time sinking as the filter to split out LFM from LFG, depending on what we were looking for. Is there a chance that roll20 could just remove the lie that is the pop-up asking for the list to be only LFM and to post LFG else where. That really set me up for an expectation, that is sorely missed. So maybe you know, not acting like we have what we for sure do not have here. Casue generally setting low but honest expectations is not a bad thing, compared to setting expectations that are then not delivered on.
B Simon Smith
Marketplace Creator
Many years ago I used to report every LFGM post, or tell the players that they weren't likely to find a GM, due to the sheer disparity between the number of players and number of willing and competent GMs. All I ever got was backlash from players who wanted someone to show up and run a game according to their specifications, along with a few really odd messages from people who tracked me down on Discord.&nbsp;
Social Yeti said: So 66 views and no reply. thus the answer is, the "join a game" tool is in fact the Looking for players AND Looking for group tool all rolled into one. The answer is - you get what you get on Roll20.&nbsp; If you're expecting more, you're out of luck. -Adam
Marketplace Creator
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