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Import out of the abyss maps

Hey, so I am trying to run out of the abyss. I have a premium Roll20 subscription and have purchased the out of the abyss book. I can not figure out how to import the premade maps into my roll 20 game. I started the campaign a while back and added a bunch of assets and ran a game. We are starting up again and to help alleviate the prep work I purchased the content, so the game I currently have does not have out of the abyss as a selected module. I'm afraid this is the issue. I don't want to create a new game and have to go through the hassle of moving characters and content from what I have already created. Am I missing something or is it not possible to use maps from a purchased book if you don't start your game as that specific module? I also don't want to be limited by the constraints of the module, I'm using it more as an idea guide than anything and would like to be able to customize every aspect of it. I feel like I should be able to use the maps anywhere as they are included in the content I purchased. Hopefully I am just missing something.
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There is no easy way to do this at the plus level. You would need to download the graphics individually, upload them to your home game and size appropriately, re-doing dynamic lighting, etc. With a Pro subscription, it is trivial. The Transmogrifier can move pages and other assets between games with ease. Modules are designed to be used in this manner. There is simply so much information that moving the entire contents into an established game would likely have a negative impact on performance. Moving things piecemeal is a pro perk. Some of the larger modules have the map packs as an addon. but I do not think this is so with OOTA. I think your two main options are to either up your subscription to Pro for a month, or to request a refund. or bite the bullet and do it all manually. Though I think your time is probably worth more than $5.
Thank you for the reply. I'll give it a shot. 
create a character and a use the map as a token for the character.  Move the character to the next game via the character vault