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Dune: Adventures in the Imperium by Roll20

Nic B.
Roll20 Team
Hello folks, this is the thread for the brand new Dune: Adventures in the Imperium sheet. This the place for to collect known issues, bug reports, and see recent changes. Sheet Summary Release Features A Player Character Sheet to collate all the information about your character A Non-Player Character Sheet to allow Game Masters to track information about all your adversaries and allies A House Sheet to allow the whole group to track information about their House. 2d20 Roll Templates allowing players to roll their drives and skills with ease. Drag and Drop for Assets, Talents and NPCs to get you all up and running as fast as possible. How to Report a Bug Use this link to report a bug on Roll20’s Help Center. This is the best way to ensure the problem is seen by our team of sheet authors. When reporting a bug in this thread, please use the templates below. Sheet Issue Template Description of issue: Try being as detailed as possible when writing a description. Documenting the exact steps you've taken will let us follow the same path in trying to replicate & test the issue. Screenshots: A picture is worth a 1,000 words and a Gif 10,000. Feature Request Template Brief Description: A quick summation of the feature, why it is needed and who it would help. Screenshots: Book (Core Rule Book, Bestiary...), page #s

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Feature Request: Automatically add the successes Brief Description: The implementation shows the success number for each individual d20 roll. If the screen would also display the total sum of successes, it would be easier and quicker to get the result of the roll. Feature Request: Call out complications (and the number of complications) Brief Description: The current character sheet shows the success number for each individual roll. It's easy to miss that a complication has been rolled. Feature Request: Ability to set complications range Brief Description: The complication range for Dune is usually 20. But not always. The roll dialog should set allow to set a different range, but have it prefilled with a 20. Feature Request: Sheet for Minor Supporting Characters Brief Description: Minor Supporting Characters don't use the full range of Drives, but they have only a single Quality instead of Drives. It would be nice to have such an option when creating an NPC.
How come I can't find the came on the drop down menu for games available on roll20??
Mad Drow said: How come I can't find the came on the drop down menu for games available on roll20?? Yes, I am having the same issue. It's hard to believe that the game is now on the market (I've purchased it) but yet it hasn't been added to the " Playing Any of These Games " drop-down list in the " Find Games to Join " search window. Please, Roll20, fix this oversight as soon as possible.
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Playtesting Dune character sheet today. DM me if you're interested in joining (or look in the LFG and PUG's now). Feedback later if we find anything notable. By the way Roll20 has added DUNE under the drop-down lists for Now Playing, Find a Game to Join, etc.
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Status update, My DUNE group is underway. These players / GM's will provide feedback about the Dune Character Sheet functionality. We like it. We're already coming up with some feedback and comments for the Sheet, which I plan to update here after testing on our end first & making screenshots to demonstrate where helpful. Roll20 DUNE test group GOLD Please keep this comment thread open for Character Sheet feedback in the upcoming month

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Quick Hits: 4 Feature Requests from my Dune group testing so far: Add field for ARCHETYPE  under Name on Character Sheet. Archetype field is entirely missing. Extend size of AMBITION field.  It's not big enough (overflow text is sadly hidden). Give at least 2 lines like DRIVE STATEMENTS size, if not a larger free text field like PERSONALITY TRAITS. Implement the House SIGIL-symbol-insignia-shield.  How do we do it? The field is blank and can't be edited on the House sheet. House ROLE fields: Allow many (+) more.   Allow custom Role Titles (a house might say Queen or Boss instead of Ruler, might say Spouse instead of Consort, and so on). Allow multiple lines (+) AKA repeating rows under each Role. For example in this game you can have multiple Swordsmasters in the House.  For another example you might have one Spymaster in the House, but want to list several lower-ranked Spy Captains. Nic,is this thread still open and receptive for feedback? Wanted to get this posted in hopes to keep it open and engage others in the discussion, and give Roll20 my group's strongest feedback so far. Will probably post more later, with illustrative screenshots if possible.
I'm running a Dune campaign, and my players are having trouble actually seeing the character sheets in journal. I've edited their permissions to allow all players to see and the responsible player to edit, but it seems not to be working.
We found a workaround. We had to set all characters to be viewed and edited by all players. In other games, I recall being able to set view to all players, but editing only to the responsible player. Perhaps that can be fixed.

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Hello I have a problem with the dice roll. When I make a test, I click on the appropriate Skill then I choose the Drive, then the number of dice and then the focus if needed. And then the program invariably throws 6 dices on the screen whatever the number of dice I had asked for. I have activated/deactivated the 3D dice settings in the parameters but the program always rolls 6 dices... On the other hand in the chat the number of dice is correct. Where does this problem of too many 3d dice on the screen come from?
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one of the biggest things my group really needs is extensibility (Repeating Fields?) for the HOUSE character sheet. We need to be able to list several lines of Spymaster. List several ranks/order of Heirs. We'd also like to rename "RULER" and other categories (King, Queen, Viscount, Duke, Baron, Boss, etc). The request is: Allow +additional lines of ROLES in the House character sheet, Allow renaming the label of each Role in the House character sheet. This is a group game feedback after extensive actual-play on Roll20 Dune using this sheet for a month-long campaign.