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Rollable Tables for players

There are many spells and class features that include random results (e.g., Wild Magic/Surge) and yet asking the DM to build a bunch of tables manually for players is a big ask. Can we please get rollable tables that can be created by the player, like we can already do with macros? Or, could you at least provide rollable tables based on the existing 5e content that a DM can just enable/make available to players?
If you create a Macro for them that rolls on the table and makes it public, players can in fact use such tables.
Thanks, but doesn't that still require the DM to create the tables? I did that as a GM for a Wild Magic Barbarian since it was a small table and then the player used a macro to call it - worked great. But building the table is a pain for a small one. A large one like wild magic surge for a sorcerer is way too much to ask, IMHO. And, since the tables are right from the rulebook, seems like Roll20 could do it once for everyone on the platform and be done.
I could REALLY use that...I've got a Wild Magic Sorceror and would love to be able to create my own Roll Table...the DM has too much to do as it is.  Better yet, as you note, why not make them standard tables that are available to everyone automatically?
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
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