Greetings! This week we pushed code with the following changes: Animated card backings and fronts now properly display in the VTT. The favicon logo in a web browser tab for Roll20 is updated to the gradient logo instead of the pixelated pink logo. Images for campaign listing page are no longer squished. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition - Resolved an issue where the Level+ Charactermancer would fail. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition - Resolved an Issue where the charactermancer would not provide Monks with their much needed 10 darts. Pathfinder 2 - Added automated Condition support to the PF2e sheet. Starfinder - Resolved an issue where extra dice were being erroneously added to weapons when added via drag and drop. Vampire 5e - Added the ability to track a player's stains on their humanity tracker Sheet authors can now calculate roll criteria for success in games with complex dice mechanics (such as passing or failing a test). The functions startRoll and finishRoll will allow sheet authors to access dice rolls and compute their own results for those rolls. More info can be found here:  Custom Roll Parsing for Character Sheets